Q. How do I get a ticket for UPS to collect my tools in need of repair for shipping?

  1. Our shipping team is happy to assist, just email shipping@gwschultz.com with all pertinent information and they’ll email you everything you need.

Q. I’m looking for employment and I’ve seen an advertised opening, how do I apply?

  1. Simply fill out this application http://gwschultz.com/download/gw_application.pdf and fax it over to this number: 352-343-8311

Q. Do you do coatings on parts?

  1. Absolutely! It’s one of our specialties. We do many outside coatings. Email shipping@gwschultz.com  with your coating specifications.

Q. Do you have Diamond end mills for ceramic grinding?

  1. Our Cera-X is both diamond coated and fluted. Make sure it’s run using a high-speed tool path to prevent tool failure.

Q. I can’t find an answer for my specific needs.

  1. You have a few options here. You can try searching keyword terms like SFM, Speed, Feed rate, Alumigator, Hurrimill, etc. Often that will yield a good result. Furthermore, you can reach us on our online chat system, or email us at shipping@gwschultz.com .

Q. What tool set would you recommend for AR-15 lowers?

  1. We offer all the tools for AR-15 Lower, except the drills. To get more

Q. I’m using the Alumigator rougher tool and we’re limited to 6000RPM. Will we be able to achieve the same result with the slower-than-recommended feed rate? And what kind of holder would you recommend we use?

  1. Yes, if you maintain chip load per tooth and spin it as fast as you’re comfortable running it. Use a holder with as much clamping force as possible. A shrink fit holder is optimal.

Q.  Is there a hard copy of your catalogue or is it download only?

  1. We offer both, a downloadable PDF and a physical catalogue. Just follow this link http://gwschultz.com/upcatalog-pdf/ fill out the form and choose your preference at the bottom.

Q.  Can you regrind a non-GW Schultz Tool?

  1. Yes, we offer regrind options for Standard, Custom, and non GW Schultz tools.