The Cera-X Series

Innovative High Performance Cutting Tools

Cera X Series is developed specifically for machining fully sintered ceramics. It employs revolutionary design features that set a new standard of performance in the industry. G. W. Schultz Tool offers any LOC and OL with any series tool as a modified standard. All products are also available with special coatings to meet your specific requirements.

  • 6-8 Flutes
  • High performance electroplated diamond
  • Up to 10X faster material removal rates achievable in fully sintered ceramics
  • Capable of achieving G Ratio’s over 4000 in fully sintered ceramics
  • Eliminates the need for most green state machining operations reducing tooling, setup and cycle cost
  • Patent pending state of the art geometries dramatically increase tool life and performance
  • 33 coolant holes for optimum slurry evacutation and thermal regulation
  • Optimized for internal pocketing and deep depth of cut use, but highly effective in external profiling and OD & ID applications

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